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    Bay Area SEO by top Pros to grow your business – Search Engine Optimization that really works, including backlink building, content marketing, local SEO and Google marketing.

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    Mobile friendly Responsive Design websites designed with SEO in mind, quality E-commerce sites with state of the art themes and applications, including WordPress and other CMS platforms.

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    We help businesses develop new online leads through expert SEO Services, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, Google My Business, Email Campaigns & Social Media Marketing.

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Bay Area Web Design & SEO Services Since 1996

Looking to partner with a professional Bay Area web design and SEO services company? We create surprisingly affordable and effective websites and SEO campaigns to bring you new business consistently. Our search engine optimization/ SEO services are fairly priced and proven to be highly effective for businesses of all sizes since 2005.

Best Web Design & SEO Value in the Bay Area

Our customers tell us we’re the best value in the area for web design and especially for SEO services. Unfortunately, very few web design companies in the Bay Area have the experience and expertise to properly design and promote your website to consistently bring you new business. We’re different. Very different. We know what we’re doing and we price our services fairly. Our customers are extremely happy and loyal, because we deliver what we promise… and more.

Let’s talk. Give us a call at 925-417-7040.

We’ll answer all your questions in terms you will understand. We won’t try to “sell” you a pre-defined package. Instead, we will customize a website and marketing solution to fit your business and your budget. We will be completely open and honest about what we can do for you and how it all works (it’s rarely as complicated as it seems).


Strong SEO & Digital Marketing Results

Bay Area Website Design & SEO

RKS Marketing provides a unique team approach to website design and promotion. For each website we develop, we assign a team of highly qualified specialists in design, programming, and SEO (search engine optimization), including off-page SEO (backlink building campaigns). All of our website development projects utilize top specialists and are managed by a highly experienced professional and Marketing MBA with over 15 years experience managing website development projects.

Quality website design and digital marketing have simply become too complex for any one individual to keep current on all aspects of web design, programming, and search engine marketing, which is why large web design agencies utilize a team of specialists for all web design projects. RKS Marketing may be the only East Bay web design company to do the same, but at a small fraction of the cost.

This specialization and degree of expertise insures you of the highest quality design, technology, and promotion for your website. No individual can match the quality and effectiveness of a website designed by a team of specialists. This is the primary reason why websites created by individual programmers, graphic designers, family members and friends cannot compete in terms of effectiveness in bringing new customers to your business. With this team approach to website design and development we know we can dramatically improve the success of your business. Nothing is missed or left out, quality is extremely high, and capabilities are extraordinary, insuring you of a highly successful website.

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Bay Area Website Design & SEO

Professional Web Design to Grow Your Business

  • A user-oriented approach to website design
  • Selection and optimal use of appropriate technologies
  • Quality websites built from the bottom up with SEO in mind
  • Conversion focus – we design your site to insure that visitors contact you, “converting” them from visitors to prospects
  • We keep you informed with clear and timely updates
  • We provide personalized support and help when needed
  • Productive search engine optimization and marketing options

We will keep you informed by answering your questions and explaining in plain English (not “Techno-speak”) and in terms anyone can understand. And we’ll support you for the long-term to make sure your website remains productive.

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We love helping businesses to understand this thing called “SEO”. Just call and say “I’m interested in your FREE SEO analysis”. There’s absolutely no cost and no commitment. We’ll ask you a few simple questions and then send you detailed info. No hassles – guaranteed!

You’ll learn a LOT about why your website is not bringing you as many new clients, customers, or patients as you’d like – and what you can do about it. It’s quick and it’s FREE.

Call 925-417-7040 now before you forget. It could be the start of great things for your business.

We can help get your business moving forward today. Email us or give us a call today.

Questions? We love to answer your questions! It’s easy and fast – just a quick call to Rich at 925-417-7040. There’s no obligation and there are no dumb questions.