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  • Organic SEO for Internet Marketing

    Organic SEO Services

    Organic SEO is a type of Internet Marketing that is often confusing and poorly understood by most business owners and managers, but it’s also critical to the success of every business. It’s clear to everyone that Google is the most popular Search Engine by far, and therfor the most important for strong SEO rankings.

    But did you know that on average the first position in a Google search result is clicked 40% of the time? And the further down the page your site appears, the lower the number of clicks. But if your site falls to the second page, less than 5% of people will ever find it there.

    So is it any wonder that where your site comes up on Google searches can make a huge difference in how many people find your website?

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    Local SEO Services

    Local SEO Services

    For many professionals and small businesses owners, Internet Marketing means Local SEO. In some ways, optimizing a website for a local business is more complicated than optimizing a website for a national market, partly because most searches for local businesses include the town or area name in addition to other “functional” search terms.

    In other words, while some will search for “dentist” or “tax accountant”, many others will search for “Oakland dentist” or “Pleasanton tax accountant”. This fact is the basis for Local SEO, such as Google My Business (aka “Google Places” or “Google Maps”) which we see in Google’s search results, generally with the top 3 positions keyed to a map pin.

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  • Search Engine Marketing or PPC Marketing

    SEM / PPC Management

    Google Adwords and BingAds are the most useful forms of PPC (Pay Per Click) Marketing available (sometimes referred to as Search Engine Marketing, or SEM). The two systems are roughly similar and are quite complex to set up and even more complicated to manage properly.

    Our people are highy trained and skillful at optimizing PPC campaigns to maximize results while minimizing costs. We can set up and manage either or  both types of PPC.

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    Social Media Internet Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    We can set up business pages for you on all the popular social media platforms, and we can also manage those pages with regular posts and replies to comments, or you may choose to do that yourself. Our Social Media experts work with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and others. Some work better for B2C (Business To Consumer) and others work better for B2B (Business to Business) markets.

    We can also set up and manage advertising for social media platforms such as Facebook. Facebook Ads in particular can be very precisely targeted to your exact target audience, which is a huge advantage for many business owners.

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  • Digital Internet Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    We work with you to customize a digital Internet marketing strategy that is ideal for your business, practice or organization, and which fits within your budget, utilizing a wide variety of online resources and marketing techniques that are both appropriate and cost effective for you.

    With many years of experience, our specialists get the job done for you quickly and effectively and manage the process to insure your website’s ongoing improvement and success.

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