How We Work

What is it like to work with RKS Marketing & Web Design?

Our 18+ years spent developing websites and 30+ years of experience in the computer industry have taught us one basic fact: people who need websites in their businesses and organizations do not have, nor should they be expected to have, the knowledge necessary to develop their own site. They should know how to hire a good web developer to bring their site to life with the information and content that their customers need.

We offer a free analysis of your website needs, and this initial meeting is one of the most important things we can offer you. It is not easy for most business people to decide what kind of site you need, which pages you should include, how they should be presented to best satisfy your prospective new customers, what kind of design and navigation would work best, how it should be organized, etc., etc., etc. Our initial meeting normally makes things a lot clearer and give you a solid basis for making decisions.

Some businesses need a fairly simple site, and others will need a more complicated website that can be user-updatable. Part of our analysis will help you determine what your company actually needs, how it can best be presented, and how it should be promoted.

After our first meeting we will normally prepare a professional quote for you, outlining exactly what you can expect us to do, how many pages your site will have, and what those pages will consist of. We outline time lines (i.e. an initial design for you to inspect within X days), deposit requirements, and much more.

Items such as email boxes, hosting (quarterly or annually, or self-hosted) are addressed, as well as methods of payment we accept. We put it in writing so that there will be no mis-understandings when we undertake your project.

We also pride outselves in the ability to explain your website in simple terms so that there is a clear understanding of all aspects of your site creation. We avoid “tech talk” whenever possible. Our websites are also created from a business orientation, and not just technical aspects that might seem trendy or cool but whose usage may actually be detrimental to your site.


  • Your website will promote a positive image of your company, and significantly increase new prospects
  • Logo and other branding products to improve your image to customers, prospects, and employees. This can often allow you to increase prices and profits due to perceptions of higher quality.
  • Increased business growth


The founder of our company has a Masters in Business, which is unusual among most website design companies. Most website companies are created by people who like the internet and are experienced in how to do things, like flash headers, animated cartoons, and cutting edge designs. All of these items can make your website fun, but they should never be used if they slow down the download time and make your customer leave before they can see your home page. Here the bells and whistles of web design actually hurt you.

We help you analyze what is critical for your website, such as identifying who your customers are, and how will they actually search for your site. Many business owners think they know which phrases their customers will use in looking for their business (critical for the best Search Engine Optimization) and are frequently surprised when they discover their choices of phrases may come in dead last.

Our business background, coupled with experienced designers, comes up with a unique website that proves to be remarkably effective – in short, a website that will work for your company. And we bring that knowledge to your website so that you don’t have to.

We also guarantee that your website will be what you want, starting from the very first design. You tell us what you want, and we present an initial design. Changes will tweak the design until you are happy with it, and then the subsequent pages will be done. When the site is finished, your final approval will lead to your website going live on the internet.


One of our basic principles is this: once you are our customer, we want you to be a customer for life. Some of our current customers have been with us since we first opened our doors, and have had us do several re-designs.

The finalization of your website does not have to be the end of our business relationship. Many customers find they require additional pages, more email boxes, more online forms, etc when their initial site is done. RKS Marketing & Web Design can help you after the initial site is finished. Just in case you think this is unusual, many of our clients tell us they have gone back to their web developer for changes only to find they are no longer in business. Web Design Companies do seem to disappear frequently, and that is why it is important to go with a business orientated company that has been in business for years. Many developers like to “play” with web design until they go and get a real job. Our real job is web development and design.

Another basic principle is the customer is always right – or almost always. We have had to turn business away in the past because a business owner wanted all of the bells and whistles, but we knew that it would slow the download time for his website to the point where no new customer would wait around for it to finish downloading. We couldn’t see him paying us to create a website that would ultimately irritate his potential clients to leaving the site.

RKS Marketing & Web Design brings a package deal to our clients – years of experience in determining what makes a web site work for our clients, and how to develop that website to fit their needs. Some clients don’t have even a basic clue of what they need in a website, and that is why we interview your for the particulars of your business, so that we can determine what your individual needs are. Then the analysis and quote let you know what it will cost.

This is our basic approach to business, and we stand behind every aspect of your site.

We also realize that your website of today may not be ideal years from now. Our re-design services enable you to keep up with both your current needs and your needs in the future.

Our company also realizes that not every website needs the same things. Some of our sites are just three pages long, and others are hundreds of pages long and cost over $100,000. We specialize in small to medium businesses, and guarantee that the finished product we deliver to you will work.


Unlike other web design companies, we focus on ALL of the critical areas necessary to create a Highly Effective Website:

  1. Design – attractive, effective, and appropriate for your business
  2. Navigation – well organized, easy to use and understand (critical for new customers)
  3. Content – designed to achieve your Most Wanted Result to convert visitors to customers
  4. Technology – appropriate to achieve desired results, utilizing the best new technologies, but not overdone
  5. Search Engine Marketing – provide high traffic levels visiting your site at affordable costs
  6. Customer Focus – designed to meet visitor needs

The unusual combination of business background and website design is what makes our company successful. Please contact us today to find out how we can help your business or organization grow into the one you dream about.