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Livermore Website Design to Grow Your Business or Practice

Livermore Website DesignProfessional web design to project the professional image your customers expect. Without professional design, easy-to-use navigation, and intuitive organization, a website will not represent you properly and visitors to your site will not take the time to see what you have to offer.

Similarly, without highly effective Search Engine Optimization, websites easily get lost in the blizzard of competing sites, never to be seen. As a result, it is more critical today than ever to insure that your site is well designed with compelling marketing content and effective SEO to insure high traffic by targeted prospects. We make certain your site is found by prospective new customers or patients.  We have supported our Livermore web design customers since 1996. (see our sample website designs)

  • WordPress CMS for Livermore Website Design

    WordPress / CMS Websites

    There are many reasons why WordPress websites are so incredibly popular. They’re very easy to use, and because of their extreme popularity, there are a wide variety of companies who offer WordPress software and add-ons. As a result, a WordPress site is extremely flexible in terms of both design and functionality. And you can update nearly anything yourself.

    We can provide virtually any functionality to your site at a reasonable cost, eliminating the need for custom programming in all but the most unique situation. And WordPress is highly SEO and mobile friendly. In short, it’s easily the best website platform for small to medium businesses, bar none!

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    Livermore Website Design - Responsive & Mobile Friendly

    Responsive Design

    Responsive website design allows your website to automatically adapt to the screen size of whatever device your visitors are using, including desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers, and smart phones. A responsive Livermore website design website will automatically shift and re-size images and text, re-size text, and more, eliminating the need for a separate mobile version of your site.

    Responsive design is Google’s preferred method of providing a “mobile friendly” website. Google gives preference to mobile friendly websites in their search results. As a result, nearly all new websites we have built for the past few years have utilized mobile friendly Responsive Design.

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  • Livermore E-commerce Websites

    E-Commerce Website Design

    We’ve developed e-commerce websites for over 12 years, so we’re familiar with and can recommend a variety of solid e-commerce/shopping cart software, or custom solutions depending on your specific needs. Whether you need to sell a few products on your website or a full-blown online store, we can build the perfect site for you.

    While we are familiar with many different e-commerce options, we most often recommend WooCommerce, which is by far the most popular shopping cart system for small to medium businesses. It has a very wide range of features and capabilities and integrates as a part of a WordPress site, so all the many advantages of WordPress are also true of WooCommerce.

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    Livermore Website Design & Custom Web Programming

    Custom Web Programming

    When necessary, we recommend custom programming for websites of all kinds. While custom programming is generally more costly than pre-designed applications, unique needs at times can only be satisfied with a custom-written application.

    Our web programmers are highly experienced with all popular web programming languages, including PHP, a variety of PHP frameworks such as Code Igniter and YII, .NET, and of course standard web languages, including HTML, AJAX,  javascript, XML and CSS. Consequently we can provide entire customized applications or custom modifications to website applications as needed for your business.

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  • Domain Names

    Domain Names

    Every business should have its own domain name, such as If you’ve registered your domain name, we can use it for your website. We often recommend domain names that work especially well for SEO purposes, and we can also “forward” another “branded” domain name to that very same site, so your customers see no difference.

    We ALWAYS register a new domain name in your name, not ours. This is important because control of your domain name should be in your hands, not someone else’s. We’ve seen many frustrating and even disasterous situations where customers did not control their own domain name. If it’s registered in your name to begin with, you can avoid such problems.

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    Livermore Website Design, Hosting & Email

    Hosting & Email

    We offer Business Quality web hosting as well as Premium Business hosting services. Both are good options, though our Premium Hosting is faster, even more secure, and includes a full 30 days of backups – a very nice insurance policy should that rare major problem occur. Your website will be set up on your hosting provider of choice.

    Both of our hosting options include email addresses based on your domain name, such as “”. We can also set up your site to use a large third party email provider such as Microsoft 365 if you prefer. Your email addresses can be set up as full-fledged email boxes or as simple email “forwards”, which many customers prefer.

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Livermore Website Design to bring you prospective new customers/clients/patients. 

Our Livermore web design customers get consistently strong results from the websites we create for them. In fact, some have told us that their RKS Marketing website is the best thing they’ve ever done to grow their business or organization. That’s because we build and market websites correctly. We’d love to create a highly effective professional website for you.

Give us a call and we’ll do our best to answer any questions you may have. Once you’re ready, we can get the process started for you.

If you would like to discuss your needs, simply call (925) 417-7040, fill out our Contact Form or email us for a free no obligation initial consultation. We love helping, whether you eventually become a customer or not.

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