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On-Page SEO – Optimizing Your Site for Top Search Engine Results

On-Page SEO for Google Search ResultsHow do we generate high levels of targeted traffic for your website?

  1. We research the best and most important “keywords” and keyword phrases that people use to search for a site or business like yours for on-page SEO, and we use specialized databases (such as Google’s) to tell us how many people actually search for each phrase. Top search terms are different for each industry, profession, and/or market. In some cases, such as for very large markets with large numbers of competing sites, we may target less common but also less competitive search terms for better overall results.
  2. We prioritize these keywords and phrases so that your site can be positioned for the best possible search engine results. Each different search word or phrase will return different results from Google (or any search engine). The goal of on-page SEO keyword prioritization is to select and properly use the best keywords and phrases to optimize your site for the best possible results – that is, more visits by potential new customers.
  3. We optimize your home page (and/or other pages in your site) in a variety of ways, using the prioritized keywords list for your site. This includes proper preparation of “meta tags” and other html as well as the specific content for your site, including headings, normal text, link text, alternative text for images, etc.
  4. Once all of the above on-page SEO work is complete we will submit your site to the major search engines and directories along with a specific XML SiteMap that tells each of the major search engines all the details about your site to insure that all pages are included, which pages are most important, how often they should be re-indexed, and more. This is an important process that is unknown to many and/or often overlooked.

There are a variety of more extensive tools and techniques we use in on-page SEO to optimize our customers’ websites, such as the creation and optimization of specific pages that relate to specific markets, services, or products, building optimized landing pages, building backlinks from other websites, and improving the “quality” of your website, as Google views it. We can customize a program to best meet your needs.

We Optimize Websites for Local, Regional or National Markets

Regardless of whether your company or organization is local, regional or national, we can optimize your site appropriately to drive the largest possible volume of qualified traffic to it. There are those who suggest that local websites do not do well. Nothing could be further from the truth. With proper design and optimization, local websites can be Highly Productive and successful. It simply takes the right knowledge and appropriate techniques to achieve top results. For more information see SEO for Local Businesses.

National and international markets similarly present different challenges than websites for local or regional businesses. For example, with especially large national or international markets it may be necessary to strategically select second-level keywords and phrases if first level keywords are dominated by heavy competition. Such strategies can be extremely successful and any website can be optimized to be highly productive, even in very competitive markets, given good planning, design, content, and proper search engine optimization techniques.

Give Us a Call, We’re Here to Help

We work with you to insure that your site is properly prepared before we submit it to the major search engines and directories. Web sites, like the organizations they represent, are very individualistic, with different needs and characteristics from one to the next. As a result, we’ll recommend an approach that fits your site and your priorities. In some cases re-structuring of your website may be appropriate and/or the creation of specific pages for better overall results.

We have the tools and expertise to build a professional website for you and to drive high numbers of new prospects to it. The result is a website that brings you more traffic, more appropriate visitors, and a great many new prospective customers.

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We love helping businesses to understand this thing called “SEO”.  Just call and say “I’m interested in your FREE SEO analysis”. There’s absolutely no cost and no commitment. We’ll ask you a couple of simple questions and then send you detailed info. No hassles – guaranteed!

You’ll learn a LOT about why your website is not bringing you as many new clients, customers, or patients as you’d like – and what you can do about it. It’s quick and it’s FREE.

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