Responsive Design

responsive-designResponsive Design for Mobile Friendly Websites

Responsive design is implemented using various website design techniques that allow the website to automatically adapt to the screen size of whatever device your visitors are using, including desktop computers, laptops, tablet computers, and smart phones. A Bay Area responsive design website will automatically shift and re-size images and text, re-size text, and adapt in other ways to accommodate different display widths.

With responsive technology, mobile devices with a wide variety of screen resolutions can use all of your website’s functions without the need to develop and maintain a separate mobile app for the purpose. More and more users are using mobile devices (both tablets and smartphones) to visit websites, with a huge array of different screen resolutions. Now your Bay Area responsive design website can automatically adapt to all of these different devices without resorting to the expense and maintenance of a separate mobile website.

Benefits of Responsive Design

Largely for these reasons responsive design is Google’s preferred method of implementing a “mobile friendly” website design, and Google publishes recommendations to that effect.  Google also offers a free test of your website to check whether the site is mobile friendly or not. With responsive design only one site needs to be created and Google only has to track a single website version instead of two.  Consequently, responsive design is an important factor in optimizing Google search results, referred to as Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Our Responsive Design Bay Area Websites

We have been developing responsive design websites for our Bay Area customers for several years, primarily through the use of high quality WordPress themes. It’s also important to note that responsive design is not a single technique. Rather, it involves a wide variety of programming techniques, and the quality of the implementation can vary widely from one site to another. Older implementations may work better for certain screen sizes than others and some are actually quite limited in how well the responsive design features work.

It’s also important that your website should be set up in such a way that it can be “tweaked” for the optimal display of images, text and other elements on different devices, particularly with smaller sized smartphones.

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