Reviews & Reputation Management

Get More High Quality Positive Reviews

Your Online Reputation is mostly determined by the various reviews that are posted about your business or organization throughout the Internet. We find and show you those reviews so you will know what’s happing with your business’ reputation and take action if any negative reviews should be posted. Then we can provide you with a system that will develop more and ONLY high quality reviews to help you build or improve your online reputation.

Reviews Establish Trust in the Consumers’ Eyes

Why are reviews so important? It’s because they build credibility in the eyes of your customers, clients, or patients, and at the same time they help your search engine results. Recent studies have shown that 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and family. And this is especially true for millennials, the newest and largest group of consumers today.

When it comes to reviews it’s clear that unhappy customers are much more likely to post a review than happy customers. People who are upset often want to “get back” at businesses who they believe did not do right by them. And happy customers rarely take the time to write positive reviews without a bit of encouragement. The result is a review profile for many businesses that unfairly represents them.

So how to fix that?

How Can You Get Customers to Post More Positive Reviews?

Our reviews management system is easy to use and effective. Not only does it help you develop many more high quality reviews to overwelm any poor ones, but at the same time it can identify customers who may not be entirely satisfied, giving you the opportunity to rectify the situation if you choose to do so. Such proactive efforts can turn some unhappy customers into happy ones, or at the least, keep them from posting other negative reviews about your business.

Here’s how our Reviews Management system works:

    1. We provide multiple ways for customers to be asked to review their experience with your company. Customers who provide higher ratings are then directed to a second page where they are encouraged to post a review to one or more of the review sites that you’ve chosen in advance, such as Yelp and Google Plus.
    1. You will be notified of any customers who review your business lower than your acceptable level so that you can reply to them in a very positive way to minimize the impact of any negative review. And in the process you just might turn a few into happy campers!
    1. Monthly reports show you all new reviews posted online as a result of your Positive Reviews Promotion efforts as well as other reviews posted on other sites.
  1. Positive reviews written by your customers can be automatically posted to your website.

Our Reviews Management system makes it quick and easy for your customers to post positive reviews of your business. For example, we can show them how to login through Facebook without having to set up a new account, and we also provide them with simple instructions on how to do it. This friendly and helpful advice results in far more reviews that would happen by simply asking customers to post a review.

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